About Us

Our Mission and vision

Our Services is fully committed to being “Total Quality” service, which is benchmarked by providing professionally trained & high caliber personnel in conformity with our International Standards to deliver value-added services. The organization continuously strives to improve in each of these domains to serve as an ever expanding and aware client base.

Why Us ?

The management team of GRAVITY POWER CONTROL PVT. LTD  has an unsurpassed level experience in the industry, which provides shine & standard with the ability to produce an efficient and high quality operation.

Gravity Power Control Pvt. Ltd. Housekeeping cleans, protects and beautifies health care and industrial property. Our personnel are thoroughly trained in the use of state- of –the art cleaning processes, Equipment usage, sanitation techniques and the handling of biohazard us materials. Overall, our scope of Housekeeping Services provides a continuous“total clean”  environment, one that is reassuringly apparent to patients and guests.

Smooth Start-Up To ease your changeover concerns and ensure a smooth transition to our services, we offer a seamless process for changeover. We establish your confidence in us by dedicating an entire team to start-ups. We’ll first meet with you to identify your site requirements, from your key housekeeping goals to your safety requirements. Then we follow a transition checklist so that no aspect of the transaction is overlooked.
A Team You Can Count On How do you know you can count on Gravity Power Control team? With full-time recruiters on staff, we prescreen and hire qualified, enthusiastic personnel. And we keep them motivated with award programs, benefits, incentives, and internal promotions based on exceptional performance.

24/7 Availability

24/7 services may be temporarily unavailable under certain circumstances. Such scenarios may include scheduled maintenance, upgrades or renovation, emergency repair, and injunction.

Certified Mechanics

Certified mechanics are technically-skilled professionals with knowledge and expertise of machinery. Mechanics may work on automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, or small engines.

Our Vision Value

  • Integrity & Reliability :- The Quality of being honest & the ability to perform its required functions under stated condition for specified period of time.

  • Openness :- Open exchange of thoughts, messages or information as by speech, signals, writing or behavior.

  • Positive Attitude :- Positive indication action, feeling or mood; as in times of trouble- preserve a firm attitude; one’s positive attitude in respect of situation.

  • Passion :- Powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred or anger that translate to handling different situation with dexterity.

  • Innovation :-Ability to define problems from more perspective and generating more solutions.


Quality control is the hallmark of GRAVITY POWER CONTROL PVT. LTD.. It allows us to provide the consistently high level of service our clients have come to expect. Our proven, site- specific systems were designed to create accountability, focus efforts, and increase communications.

Quality control in your facility begins with our Facility Manager, the most important management position in our organization. The Facility Manager is responsible for orchestrating all systems and procedures of our quality control program and directing every phase of our operation, all in an effort to do whatever it takes to provide you with the quality of service that is unequalled in the industry

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The management team of gravity power control has an unsurpassed level experience inthe industry.